Our History


The uniqueness of her business has been featured worldwide on T.V. as well as radio stations and other publications. John Tyler contacted Louise after seeing a story about Crime Scene Clean-Up® on T.V. in 1995 and both have been dedicated to helping others ever since. The first step after John dedicated himself to helping Louise was a N.E. U.S. Expansion and Development Project to start helping other families and/or persons in need in this area. Quickly we grew from a single truck with a few technicians to a fleet of trucks responding to scenes throughout the Mid- Atlantic region. It is so important and always has been our focus for people to know that there is a service like ours out there.

Thanks to all the professionals within our industry who have supported Crime Scene Clean-Up®

Our Mission Statement

  1. To offer professional help and services to all people regardless of their economic status.
  2. To always be compassionate without losing focus in the field.
  3. To continue to pioneer and educate the company and its staff so we may maintain the highest possible standard.
  4. To excel our economic growth so we may continue to help people and the surrounding environment.
  5. To bring awareness to the public so that no one has to deal with an unattended, sudden or violent death….alone.


No one should be left with the remnants of a tragic death or accident in their home, automobile or business. It has always been our goal to provide a professional service nationwide. Today we have reached that goal and we are officially a Nationwide Company. Crime Scene Clean-Up® has crews available and specialized vehicles offering services Nationwide.


“Experienced Professionals helping others since 1993

“The Original” Crime Scene Clean-Up®. No matter what the situation is we will handle it discreetly, professionally and successfully. Toll Free 800-991-3645