Vehicle Remediation and Biohazard Cleanup

Homes, offices, and retail establishments are not the only places that may require biohazard cleanup. From time to time, crime scene clean up companies like CSCU may be asked to assist with unusual situations such as a vehicle cleanup. Specialized vehicles like squad cars, fleet vehicles and body transport vehicles require routine cleaning to maintain … Continued

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention

Crime Scene Cleanup Requires Professional Intervention Dealing with crime scenes can be highly traumatic for a variety of reasons. That’s why crime cleanup should be left to the professionals. Proper cleanup of a crime scene is integral to maintaining a safe environment within one’s home. Professional intervention can also help mitigate the emotional impact of … Continued

Finding Support Following the Suicide of a Loved One

Finding Support Following the Suicide of a Loved One Those who have lost friends or family members to suicide are faced with deep and complex emotions that can impact the grieving process. Suicide bereavement can differ substantially from other forms of bereavement, making it important for survivors to connect with others who understand what they … Continued

Blood Spill Cleanup

Let Compassionate Professionals Deal with Blood Spill Cleanup Biohazard cleanup can be a difficult job in the best of circumstances. Whether the situation involves a serious personal injury or even a death, anyone involved in cleaning up a blood spill must be aware of the safety issues. They must also be sensitive to the feelings … Continued

Dealing With The Aftermath of a Suicide

Suicide Causes Both Emotional and Physical Effects Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy, but it can be especially difficult in the aftermath of suicide. These events are often sudden, leaving friends and family members stunned in their wake. As a result, tending to practical matters, such as what to do … Continued

How to Arrange a Funeral Following an Unattended Death

Planning a Funeral Following an Unattended Death The loss of a loved one is never easy, but planning a funeral that honors their memory can help provide a sense of closure for friends and family members. When a death is unattended, there is an extra level of care and consideration that must be taken to … Continued

What Is Tear Gas?

What’s Left Behind: Dealing with the Aftermath of Tear Gas Though often controversial, tear gas is a common component used in law enforcement. When utilized within the confines of a home, tear gas can have significant long-lasting effects, ranging from irritating the skin and lungs, to damaging eye sight. Once the dust clears, inhabitants are … Continued

Dealing with Additional Stressors Following A Violent Crime

Dealing with the aftermath of a violent crime can be emotionally agonizing. Following a homicide, many people experience crisis, especially if the event was sudden, intense, and difficult to understand. Other stressors of a violent crime include financial pressure, both because of the loss of the loved one’s income and any medical and funeral expenses. … Continued

Tips for Grieving as a Family

A traumatic event such as death or suicide can be unbearably difficult for families. Still, grieving together as a family can be very helpful when coping and regaining strength. For tips on grieving as a family, continue reading. Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday Celebrating family traditions that remind you of your loved one is an … Continued

Signs of Teen Suicide and Prevention Tips

Between peer pressure, bodily changes, and stress, teens these days certainly have a lot on their plate. But if your teen is acting more down than usual, crying a lot, and not taking interest in the things that he or she used to, there may be a serious emotional issue that should be addressed right … Continued