Tear Gas Clean Up

The Original Crime Scene Clean-Up® offers professional removal of tear gas, sometimes called OC spray, which may have been used in a home or business by law enforcement to subdue violent individuals. We can also clean pepper spray and similar substances.

The term “tear gas” can actually refer to several different chemical compounds, all of which irritate mucous membranes and cause tearing, coughing, sneezing, pain, rashes and even temporary blindness. Long-term exposure can continue to cause symptoms, which are especially damaging to persons with COPD or other respiratory problems. For this reason, no one should enter a structure containing tear gas until our highly trained and experienced CSCU technicians safely restore the facility.

It’s not easy to clean. The tear gas particles themselves are like fine talcum powder, and it gets everywhere! To clean up tear gas, we carefully wash all affected surfaces, using plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal off cleaned areas and prevent cross contamination as we work. It may take several passes to remove it all, especially if there are rough or porous surfaces (e.g. exposed brick walls, paneling).

Our staff uses personal protective gear and professional restoration equipment and supplies to assure the highest quality of service while always adhering to OSHA, EPA and State Health Department guidelines and procedures.

In addition to the residue, tear gas pellets or missiles may have damaged your property. Hundreds of rounds of tear gas canisters may be fired into a structure to gain control of a violent situation, and some of these may penetrate wallboard. As a result, tear gas may wind up inside walls or in the HVAC system. Complete remediation may require removal of walls, floors or furniture coverings that have been damaged by tear gas canisters. We partner with restoration companies that can replace structural elements that we remove, or you can provide your own contractor if you prefer.

If it appears that the tear gas has penetrated the building’s heating or air conditioning ducts, we will recommend an HVAC service provider to perform a clean out. Our procedures ensure that the area will be safe to inhabit, and all the