Law Enforcement/Coroners

As “Second Responders”, we work directly with police, medical examiners, and other agencies to return your home or business to a safe, sanitary condition after a homicide, suicide, assault, or other crime. Crime scene decontamination involves removing blood, bodily fluids and other biological materials, as well as and any additional chemicals used by law enforcement.

While working a crime scene, investigators may use fingerprint dust, which sticks to furniture and carpets. They may also spray Luminol or Fluorescein to detect latent blood evidence. To avoid possible liability from the use of these toxic chemicals, agencies may need to contract with a forensic clean up company such as CSCU.

Crime scene decontamination sometimes includes removal of tear gas and pepper spray, which may be used by law enforcement to alleviate a tense situation at a crime scene. If improperly cleaned, residual traces of these chemicals can cause rashes and or even respiratory ailments—even after a scene has been remediated.

Cleaning bloodborne pathogens

Cleaning up blood and other biological matter, which may contain pathogens, such as HIV, MRSA, or Hepatitis B and C, can be dangerous. Damage to the structure of the home may be extensive, as odors and bodily fluids permeate all porous materials. Some violent crimes or accidental deaths occur inside a vehicle, making it unsafe to drive until it has been fully cleaned and sanitized.

Our crime scene decontamination techs wear protective gear and follow rigorous decontamination methods to ensure complete remediation of the scene.

We have successfully assisted families, business and individuals in need of our crime scene decontamination services since 1993. At CSCU, our work ethic is to always help others, and treat those in need of our services with respect, integrity and compassion. Our superior knowledge of biohazard cleaning methods and chemicals, and our swift response time will help return order to your home or business quickly, safely and securely.

Trust “The Original” Crime Scene Clean up team of professionals to work for you.

Does Crime Scene Clean-Up provide services for more than just crime scenes?
Yes, Crime Scene Clean-Up offers our services to anyone that may need them.