Professional Property & Hoarding Clean Up

When your home and property, or those of a loved one, have suffered from neglect or out-of-control clutter due to physical or mental limitations, Crime-Scene Clean-Up® can safely and discreetly clean and disinfect the area, making it livable again.

CSCU offers professional 24/7 support and quick remediation, compassionately and without judgment. Hiring a professional hoarding clean up company assures the best chance for a successful recovery.

A recent study revealed that two to five percent of the US population can be considered hoarders of some kind. Hoarding can happen to anyone, rich or poor, old or young, educated and uneducated alike.

Hoarding presents serious risk to the health of the home’s occupants, while also jeopardizing the safety and value of the property itself. But cleaning up hoarded material can be dangerous as well. Not all biological hazards, such as mold, viruses and bacteria, are visible to the naked eye. So while you may rid the house of clutter and the visible signs of dirt, without proper tools and training, you may still be missing something.

Our certified technicians wear personal protective clothing and respiratory protection during a hoarding clean up, in order to avoid exposure to pathogens such as bacteria, Hanta virus (transmitted by vermin droppings), Histoplasmosis, Staph Viruses including MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), and E. Coli bacteria.

Hoarding clean up by CSCU involves several stages. First, we dispose of biohazards, trash, and other unsalvageable materials. We’ll arrange dumpsters and hauling for all items disposed. Next, we use a multi-stage proprietary cleaning process to safely clean and sanitize your home. We also use HEPA air scrubber to deodorize the building and rid it of airborne germs and bacteria. We do not use “ozone foggers” as a shortcut, as these have been labeled by the EPA as ineffective in most cases for sanitizing and disinfecting.

CSCU protects your privacy using discreet, unmarked trucks. Our team of professionals will respond quickly (in most situations within one to three hours). Our hoarding clean up services provide a ”clean slate,“ allowing your loved ones to start over in a safe, sanitary, and livable home.