Death Clean Up

The traumatic discovery of an unattended death, along with the loss of your loved one, can leave you and your family numb and overwhelmed with grief. Coping with this loss and not knowing who to turn to for death clean up services only makes matters worse.

Crime Scene Clean-Up® has been helping people just like you since 1993. We have the experience that allows us to respond with sensitivity and compassion, while maintaining our objectivity as we perform the trauma clean up process.

Our main focus when helping a family deal with a death clean up is to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the area to ensure your safety and cleanliness. As soon as you contact CSCU, we will immediately dispatch one of our mobile response teams to your location. After assessing the scene, we will provide a written proposal detailing the work that needs to be done, how much it will cost and how long it will take. Our kind and courteous staff will take the time to answer all of your questions.

Decomposition poses particular risk to health and property because of bacterial growth and fluids which may travel into baseboards and secondary rooms. Insect activity and high temperatures will exacerbate the damage, which can affect entire homes and all porous personal property.

As with all death cleaning jobs, our trauma clean up team will don personal protective gear and respirators, in order to safely clean up and remove any biohazard materials. This is not a “mop and bucket” job, and meticulous removal of all blood and bodily fluids is why a professional death cleanup service is so important. Blood-borne pathogens may be present, and these must be completely cleaned and disinfected to prevent odors or contamination, making the home livable again. Unless all biological material is removed, the risk of odor and staining is a potential outcome.

Crime Scene Clean-Up’s trauma scene cleaners are experts and specifically trained to handle death cleanup situations. We will support you through 100 percent of the clean-up process, and we can provide help with setting insurance claims related to the decedent, as well as follow-up information and referrals as needed.