Crime Scene Decontamination

Crime Scene Clean-Up® provides crime scene decontamination and biohazard cleaning services to homes and businesses after homicides, suicides, assaults or accidents. Our dedication to excellence has made us a first choice within the industry and we hope to continue to assist those in need for many years to come.

If you’ve experienced a trauma and are overwhelmed with what to do next, we can help you quickly get back on track by cleaning the area of any dangerous or disturbing bodily fluids, and restoring your home to its prior condition. We understand how confusing things are at a time like this, and we’ll communicate with you ever step of the way.

CSCU’s crime scene clean-up techs use a formal, meticulous process of containment, cleaning and disinfection in stages, using proprietary cleaning agents. After cleaning crime scenes, they package and remove all biohazard wastes, following all OSHA and EPA regulations.

In addition to blood and bodily fluid clean up, our techs have the proper training to completely clean and remediate a scene after law enforcement or crime scene investigators have left tear gas, fingerprint powder, or luminol spray (to detect the presence of blood). These chemicals can leave toxic residues that may stain or sicken future occupants.

Our field techs have also been trained in how to approach and preserve a crime scene, and who to call should additional evidence be discovered.

CSCU has earned the confidence of first responders including police, coroners, and medical examiners, as well as funeral homes, victim’s advocates and other professionals, who recommend us first for crime scene decontamination.

Our goal is to always help others and treat those in need of our services with respect, integrity and compassion. We offer additional assistance with insurance paperwork, post-reconstruction efforts and other referrals as needed. CSCU is the first step moving forward in the healing process.