Cleaning Up a Crime Scene

Coping with a homicide or suicide is always an excruciatingly difficult process for loved ones of the deceased. Trying to clean the mess left behind can make the situation even more difficult. This video offers an introduction to professional crime scene clean-up. Instead of trying to clean up bodily fluids themselves, distraught family members can … Continued

Inside the Crime Scene Clean-Up Process

After the police finish investigating a crime scene and the coroner removes the deceased, all that’s left are damage and biohazards. If you own the space in which the crime occurred, it’s your responsibility to clean up the biohazard so you can move on; however, Crime Scene Clean-Up can help. Here’s a brief look at … Continued

Suicide Prevention And The Top 5 Signs To Look Out For!

People who attempt or commit suicide are trying to stop unbearable feelings. Many of them will display certain signs to indicate they are considering committing suicide. If you notice any warning signs in a friend or family member, get help for that person promptly. If you feel that a person might be in imminent risk of suicide, … Continued

Hiring Crime Scene Clean-Up – Our Promise!

When hiring our crime and death cleaning services, you’re hiring certified professionals that practice safe, compliant clean-up service including specialized disinfection and waste disposal. Management will handle all the necessary paperwork and insurance claims associated with the decedent. We have a dedicated staff to assist with all the uncomfortable details of post trauma clean-up services … Continued